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Jul 15
For a moment, I thought I'd crash.
I actually saw myself falling fast, in my head.
What is hope?
Especially when you've waited for that one thing,
that one person who never gets to walk with you.
I was just left with a step.
A single choice.
To either fall for real, or to rise from all this.
Being human isn't easy.
You are never sure whether you are one breath away from losing it or having it all.

Then, bang! You actually lose it all.
Maybe you were too woman, too extra, sigh!
Didn't give enough,
had fear or --
anything that would make you not feel worthy.
What I have learnt through growth is that--
time allows you to to rise above all this--
before it kills you inside.
If you actually give yourself a chance to heal and get it together,
the universe synchronizes in your favor.
Life to life.
Strength to strength.
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