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Jul 14

Clinging onto the little things you once said
                                                            ­           I'll
                                                            ­         never
                                                           ­          leave
                                                           ­           you
                                                  ­                       .

But had you been more honest, we wouldn't be here...

Erasing memories to make up for sanity.
The things you said to me, why...?

No necessary reason to hold onto a false rope, made out of lies and false hope...

Am I being clingy?
For wanting to know why I feel like you've died?

Am I being stingy, for holding my tears so I wouldn't cry?
Why was it so tell me a story but not the end?
Why did I ever comment back, risking my heart by pushing send?

I can't say i've fallen, but I do need a helping hand...
Cause here I am feeling this way...
And now i'm sinking in quicksand.
Written by
UA  19/M
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