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There’s so much that I’ve wanted in my life but I’d always put it all aside to settle because I was once told that what I wanted was a fantasy. I was told that there was no such thing of a love in which you just know you are meant to be with that person. Where there’s no fear in waking up one morning and learning that you are no longer worth the time of day. But then I met someone who gave me a glimpse, just a glimpse of that fantasy. After living it for a couple of days, I came to the realization that someone, somewhere wants my fantasy. My fantasy isn’t unobtainable. When I think of what I want, I don’t know wether it makes me upset that I haven’t lived it yet, or hopeful that that moment is right around the corner. I want a love that truly feels real, but who really knows what love feels like. I don’t want to be in the type of love where I’m blinded by the idea of that significant other being everything I’ve ever wanted. Because that’s not true love. I want a love where I know how reality is with and without them, I want to know every little detail of him. What his favourite colour is, what his childhood dreams were, what his current dreams are and even what his mom’s favourite song is. What brings out the little kid in him. I want to know the stories about how when he was 4 on Christmas day he got his dream toy. I want to know every flaw, what he dislikes about himself and I want to love what he dislikes. I want a love where we help each other grow into better people, without feeling the need to depend on each other. I want to act silly around his family and become really close with his mom. I want to go to Walmart at midnight and laugh a little too much. I want to look at the stars and sing my favourite songs to him. I want so much. I want to go on long walks and talk about literally nothing. I want to look in his eyes and be able to tell him that he’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I want to start writing love songs instead of songs about heartbreak. I want to sit in my living room at 4 am and tell him all of my hopes and dreams. I want to visit his hometown, go on long drives where we scream out the words of our favourite songs and i want to photograph every moment with him because I don’t want to forget a single detail of his freckles. I want to cook with him and laugh the whole time. I want to travel, go on adventures and take risks with him. I want a love where I’m not afraid to fall. A love where I’m not afraid of being who I am. A love where he instantly knows when something is wrong, and where he admires me when I drift off into my little world instead of getting mad at me for it. A love where he can hold me tight and I’ll always feel safe around him. A love where I don’t have to worry about another girl because I know we are meant for each other. I want flowers from time to time but a love where we don’t have to constantly shower eachother with gifts because we know that money can’t buy what we have. I want to be understood.  just want something real, true and passionate. That is my fantasy.
Zoe Taschereau
Written by
Zoe Taschereau  20/F/Mississauga
   yuki motokane
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