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Jul 12
I am a woman.

I am more than my body, all these curves and edges, my wrinkles and cellulite, my freckles and moles, the birthmark on my leg, the large one on my face and the color, my skin color, blending in white and black, sometimes both. We are universes on our own, made of stars both dying and reborn. We are the sun and the moon, the planets and galaxies. We are constellations, personified.

I am more than my heart, all this love and hate, envy and contentment, anger and calm, happiness and sad. The raging light and the smothering darkness. We are spirits from the wild, untamed and untied, we don't come back to cages, we make our own homes and we cultivate it. We are souls on fire, glowing always.

I am more than my mind, these questions, doubts, my golden and ever changing opinions and statements, my values and morals, the lies I hide behind and never talk of, the truths I open up to at 2 in the morning and the contemplation of meditation. The terrible voices, magnificent yet deadly. We are creatures of intellect, always thinking and we tie it with our heart, we are reflections of clarity, always evolving, never settling.

I am a woman. Strong in my convictions, in love with the idea of my courage until I show it as a lioness protects and hunts.

I am a woman, you don't need to bow. We can get on your level, we can walk side by side.

If you are not scared to.
Ayesha Jimenez
Written by
Ayesha Jimenez  24/F/Philippines
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