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Mar 2013
As I sit in my room alone and cry,
I truly just wish I could die.
My world gone in the blink of an eye,
Black is the only color I see in the sky.
Should have known this day would come.
Nothing lasts forever, how could I have been so dumb?
The life I wanted, that life is long gone.
Fade into black.
It didn’t really happen in the blink of an eye,
He stopped caring long before I even realized.
Lies, deception, unfaithfulness,
Now I finally get this off my chest.
Every time I talk to you, I get depressed.
Sadness runs through my body, it’s a ****** mess.
Every day I lie and say I’m okay,
But truly, I just need to get away.
This broken heart of mine, breaks more and more each day,
As I stay quiet, and slowly fade away…
Written by
   The Anonymous Joker and ---
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