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Jul 2019
And the preferred utility,
For use in this morbidity,
Gets axed by authority,
As a matter of citizen security;
But no sooner than say, 'mary poppins!' accidental deaths are recorded by it's application in hair lice removal or eradication - two persons: one infant & a graduate; both died when the organophosphate - ****** - was copiously applied in hair, then covered up; only for the applicants to be found dead next morning.
Prior to this, the organophosphate had been responsible for majority of deaths by consuming contaminated beans, yam flour after its use as pesticide to preserve agro products, even smoked fish, too. Then Nigerians began a series of using the deadly fluid in ending their lives for sundry reasons.
A knee **** ban by the Nigerian food and drug admin body came into effect but mass illiteracy of the people regarding the nature of such phosphates may actually lead to more deaths in the future as people will find others means of being creative with the one shot killer. SAD.
Dada Olowo Eyo
Written by
Dada Olowo Eyo  NIGERIA
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