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Mar 2013
Deciding wether to leave or to stay
Hoping that one day the pain will go away
You just need to grow up,
And stop wanting to ****
Think up here, not down there
But I know you really just don't care
And you say things will change
But darling, I'm still waiting for that day
I'm tired of the *******, the games, and the lies
That's why I always want to stay high
Each hit keeps my mins off of you
Cause other than that I don't know what to do
Sometimes happy, but mostly sad
This is insane, it's driving me mad
You say I don't love you, but I actually do
You tell me that my feelings aren't true
You say I do whatever I want, but do I?
You say I don't care all I do is lie
How dare you doubt me who the **** are you
******* for thinking that when I really do
You're full of it, you're such a child
Grow up, stop being in denial
You resent me, you hate me deep down you do
It hurts to know, but at least I know the truth
You'll never forgive me and at this point it's whatever
I d given up on knowing what's keeping us together
Is it true love or just based on a lie?
But I don't want to know, so ill never ask why.
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