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Jul 6
I genuinely do
With all my concious intact
Repeating things saddens me
New things make me unsettle
People I see in my daily life, more i converse i feel like going away from them
They can't handle the real me either ways
But if i dont socialize
I'am lonely and I feel that too
Although I enjoy that for sometime
I have to take responsibilty
And that is the consequence of the action i did
I understand logic
And I want to deny that with all my heart
Every narrative is been false to me
When i experience it myself
I cant articulate my emotions and I don't know what's so wrong about life
Depressed kid with nobody to have given attention me
Wouldn't deserve that though
Any kind of belonging when i have denied that to myself
How much i hate myself and want to change
But I can't
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