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May 2010
A devotion to the devil
A devotion to ****
A devotion to stay with the devil above the highest hill

A devotion not to keep on losing my mind, but still
A devotion to churn out ideas from evil brain-mill

A devotion to create a liking for those, whom you are afraid of
A devotion to create hatred for all those who are repaired of
All the evil deeds that you surely never heard of

A devotion to smile and save evil's downfall
A devotion to uplift sins above the reach of all
A devotion to divert people who senselessly follow the heaven's call
To a place which justifies liberation of evil from all

A devotion to make my place more than just the best
Where good sinks in the trough and evil shines above crest
A devotion to give the people the best of our fest
Just to make them plump before they go for a peaceful rest

A devotion to utilize evil from the devil
To help the people force the good to reveal
Their disadvantage against evil
licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike.
Written by
Diabolic Preacher
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