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Jul 4
Snatched thunders clash outta the sky and snapped it.
Cracked what they couldnt decipher, now it seems like i'm trapped in this.
Deme god, Demeter you don't have to listen.
Thoughts have me wishing to a genie beyond all comprehension.
This is what we call consequences.
Slip through tartarus targeting armageddon.

First you come alive and then you die.
This pressure you cant see is just a metaphor of fire.
I get it you're tired, the dreams you once aspired you left behind ya
Off the top of my snap back better pack ya a vizor
Hypnotized by this spiral cycle my ambition like and engine we can fly though.
Started from a low point so I gotta end this on a high note.
Written by
RAO  25/Two-Spirit/Under Hypnosis
(25/Two-Spirit/Under Hypnosis)   
   multi sumus
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