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Jul 6
Sometimes all we need
Is a person to make you smile
Not the kind of smile followed by I'm fine
And your heart threatening to break into pieces
Under lies
But the kind of smile that makes your eyes shine
Despite the dullness of life
With a person besides you willing to stick up for you
And be there to not wipe away your tears
But form an ocean together with their own
The friend that fills the hole in your heart with hope
And a new faith in humanity
And our world
The one that doesn't know what to say
But says the right things anyways
That makes mistakes with you
Laughing them off with you
And standing up to try again together
One who will stay up late talking about love
And crushes and homework
Someone who can trust you enough to breakdown in front of you
And ask you for help
A person who is not perfect and you get in fights with
But you always make up later forgetting what
You were even arguing about
A human who treats you like one

A friend who can remind you what a real smile is like
When you forget by faking them so much

But don't wait for the friend to come up to you
And the magical moment of clicking
Don't waste time like that

Instead be that friend
That person
The one
That human
The someone

Make somoney else's life happier and soon
So will yours
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
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