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Jul 2019
can’t stop this warmth
warmer than the sun
deeper than the sun
it’s bound to cause some harm

see the human body has so many needs
needs that require tenderness and affection
but some needs require a level of intrigue
with complete apathy
which wolf will you feed?

darling i remember when your hair glistened in the sun
and how my tears and sweat
- slid down my cheek -
hit the ground

i remember the innocent interest and the pull to talk
you drew me to you
i never said stop

i never said stop

i need to be my own, darling
a darling nobody, owing nothing
born from nothing
but will pass on with everything

every single moment is a blessing
memories are treasures
tears purify
darling nobody,

my heart requires stability and silence and sweetness
my body requires more roughness tightly, tough, and true
a vehicle for lust and a vehicle for apathy
so i’ll never have something to lose

polarity of emotions has expanded me
my heart
my mind
my will
my strength
my hope
6 - 30 - 19
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