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Jun 30
A horror from the dark;
The dreadful fiend awaits.
Its properties appall for they
Were formed in outer space.

Its skin is made of eyes.
The eyes are made of skin.
A thousand gnashing teeth adorn
The bones that move within.

The stomach is a brain;
The brain therefore consumes.
In time it shall attain a form
That human life assumes.

Perhaps it has arrived
And walks among us now.
A being so contrived will beg
The questions – Why? and How?

Conspiracy - I say -
A thing of troubled thoughts;
A fabrication made of fears
Anxiety has wrought.

So what if it were true?
- A doomed humanity -
A New World Order – new, in that,
We’d suffer equally.

But the teeth remain unseen
And the seething eyes are blind,
For when I dream, I dream instead
Of people left behind.

The fear of the unknowns
That from the darkness peer
All vanish when we know that horrors
Are already here.

The fictions that we’ve made
Conceal a world inversed,
But I am unafraid because,
The truth, in fact, is worse.
kieran dacey boylan
Written by
kieran dacey boylan  29/M/Sydney
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