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Jun 30
By Gods was it written that life upon earth
That grows by the light of the sun;
All things that have crawled since original birth -
Will suffer, and suffer as one.

Ever since I was young have I longed to disown
These words of insidious verse,
But I can’t lift the weight of that terrible stone
Where inscribed is humanity’s curse.

So with sorrow and anger I burdened the sky
Imploring the end of all pain -
What I witnessed I never could score from my mind
And hardly can speak of again.

With a passionate fury I openly scorned
All sorrow and madness and fear.
But the howling refrain of existence was gone -
Never again to appear.

Abolished was pain and the source of all pain -
Words unsaid, but I knew it was so.
Then a trembling boom bid a thousand stars rain
From the heavens above to below.

And the infinite span of the gaping, black maw
That had spawned each of infinite woes,
Distending its realm of unending abyss,
Yawned wide, then forever did close.

I opened my eyes from that terrible sight
Like an animal gasping for air.
And still to this day am I frozen with fright
When into far places I stare,

For I know there’s no ultimate end to our pain,
Nor an ultimate evil to sever.
We suffer as one - the alternative is
Oblivion now and forever.
kieran dacey boylan
Written by
kieran dacey boylan  29/M/Sydney
     victoria, BR Dragos and Arianna
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