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Mar 2013
For every tick the clock has made
Time wears away a dying race
And as the seconds start to fade
Death shows us its true face

The falling embers start to burn
And take away our little town
The hardest lesson we must learn
How god upon us he does frown

The town begins to cry for mercy
Watching their lives end so swift
For why has god come and cursed me
And which souls does he lift

He takes our lives without sorrow
And spits the rest unto earth
What lies ahead in the morrow?
A new people he does give birth

These people rant and rage
About the god which is so cruel
They burst free of their cage
And demand a new form of rule

God laments this ignorance
And turns his back upon his people
He leaves them to a death sentence
And ignores the cries of the needful

But the people band together
And banish all their crimes
Together they are bound forever
And cheer on their god's demise

So the god decides to attack
And this people he plans to smite
But he found that power he did lack
And so he faded into the night

The people at last found their peace
Though time did force it down
Their society fell piece by piece
And was buried into the ground

Today we study this ancient town
And remember the punishment they did earn
Scholars of today on them do frown
For it was our god that they did scorn
Seth Bennett
Written by
Seth Bennett  Ohio
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