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Jun 28
I'm not coming back
no more vain rebellions

hello to nothing
from the inquisitor of nothing
no ones home but shapeless shadows
cutting across mysteries
of multiple worlds

an empty head
so patient
ghost moon

my legs aren't tired anymore
here in the undergrowth
of slugs slides and slime
whispering hymns needle green

buoyant belly on the rings of night
libation of death
apprehending the void
dissolving doom broadens to immensity
like a light flicks on
wonder wave

no death for the dead
they could care less
nearby in endlessness
stretched out on a couch
spumed mouth
papyrus frail
creature of black steps

waking will not raise burnt wings

where I lived and was broken
noon day demons lost
I dangle from a nightingale floor
burning hair waves windless

linking one self with the other
like night with day
gales of dreams
falling lulls weave me together
like aΒ thorne bridge knits fate
hand over red hand

mind of winter
now I inhabit you
slain and shaken
Written by
zebra  M
     CnΓ©, Jamadhi Verse and S Olson
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