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Jun 28
I once met a girl, named fire & desire, though far from ordinary, I couldn't help, but admire the way she inspires,

But it’s more than just, giving to the lust, it’s about building the trust, cause something like this, can never be rushed.
Yet we’re both eager to win, even if one of us has to lose, cause no one ever knows, how love really goes

But something tends holds them back, whether it's their past, or it's their last,

Yet they say, you can't truly love someone, if you don't hate em, but what if you don't hate em, you hate who they become,

Or can it be that, they were really something else, even if you know couldn’t help, but not see, cause your eyes were  blind, until you took back the key, and set yourself free
John Mendoza
Written by
John Mendoza  24/M/Brooklyn, NY
(24/M/Brooklyn, NY)   
   Fawn and Jaxon Thomas
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