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Jun 2019
I drive way too fast
I listen to music so loud it hurts
I drink to get drunk not to be social.
I take the wrong turns
And the road less traveled
Because I want to.
There are more interesting things along the way
Dangerous or not
I walk into the woods at night alone
I carry a blade not a gun
Our mortality is the very reason I do so

you know something is watching
You can feel it
Sometimes it's good to be observed
By the unknown

It's that very feeling
Right before you are going to lose something dear
When you have to say goodbye
And you know it's forever
And have no choice
When you gain something you never knew you were looking for
Or already had
When you do things that terrify you
Because something inside you says you will regret it the rest of your life if you do not.

The watcher is telling are indeed alive,
And you will be tomorrow.
It's coming and you can't stop it.
Your participation is encouraged but non-essential.

Wake up
Written by
Ike  38/M
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