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Jun 27
Lacking a voice to sink attention in, grasping souls in the millions,
he cowered away, calling out decay, sinking sourly solitary and silently.

Wishing a star could promise the truth, and bring about life and reality anew, she pondered the possibilities upon a pane, to some she's a child, to some she's insane.

The two built a tower to save the world if only people really cared when it's not over. Paid politely to destroy that very tower, to build a hotel and secure funds widely. The two went away and gave up on the same ones they wanted to save. Those fiends couldn't see that they plant their own doom till it's up in their faces and or afar going boom.

Drowning in silence, surrounded alone, wishing for quiet, even though no one's home. Stop yelling at me, don't glare at me as much, I wish you'd leave me alone, but it's only because you're not enough...Shattered mirrors reflecting perfect portraits, casually sinking into a gradual shortage. The silence is loud and the loud leaves me silent. No misfortune is as great as a life where love is having a shortage.

Spinning in circles, I'm back where I started, a merry-go-round, a path that is its target. Forgetting the path when it ends all again, never knowing the circle i've been spinning in.
Written by
UA  19/M
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