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Jun 24
Deep in my soul
     I felt weak and weary
And knew that my end
     Hung silently near me
But on the wind
     And through the trees
A sound fluttered down
     A nearby breeze
It danced along
     A deviant path
Bending and phasing
     In a joy filled wrath
My hollow bones
     So light and enchanted
By that colorful tone
     Not evil nor slanted
Pushed ever onward
     And looked out below
The source of this song
     I was thirsty to know...

I came upon a white city
     Shining in the distance
If it weren’t for the music
     I would have missed it
Eagles soared above
     From mountaintop trees
They flew with grace
     Together on a breeze
I felt myself hopeful
     And drawn to their course
To that faraway city
     Far off to the north
With haste I dashed
     Down rocky plateaus
For I felt at home
     From my head to my toes
Like a child I raced
     As the sun finally set
Until I was caught
     By a rope-wound net!

It was forever as if
     I floated across those plains
My captors carried me
     With grace so strange
As the music got nearer
     Eagles sang with flutes
Piecing together a melody
     Known by trees and their roots...

I was placed in company
     Of a magnificent king
His crown was white
     And his robe, and his ring
He bid me welcome
     To live among his people
In his white city of courtyards
     Towers and steeples
As I opened my mouth
     And my heart to say yes
He stopped me before that
     With one lone request
I must dwell in this realm
     Until the end of my days
For in hiding, he said,
     We all must remain
Hidden from the darkness
     That dwells beyond the mountains
Hidden among fairies,
     Family, and fountains...

So there I dwelt
     Until the end of my life
In that shinning white city
     With my children and wife
I’ll never forget
     That most fortunate day
That by music and eagle
     I was once led astray...

6/25 - Fixed structure.
Outside Words
Written by
Outside Words  27/M/Michigan
     Darrell Landstrom and BR Dragos
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