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Jun 22
I don't know anything
or anyone

The broken streets,
singing sorrow,
and the tumbling memories,
of what was had,
and now gone

I have never felt so alone
Desperate for another hand to hold,
to share my troubles,
and lean on
another one,
to care for

The sun sets,
creating a gradient in the sky,
of blue and pink and orange,
as it sinks toward the ground,
and the moon rises,
leaving its eerie glow
for all that's in me to wonder

Will I ever find what I've been looking for,
fill that hole dug into my heart,
end the grief slowly drowning me
in my own tears?

I hope so,
that somewhere,
among the stars,
a world sits,
still in the solitude,
trying to find the last piece,
to complete itself
That its wishes will be answered,
and dreams will no longer be crashed,
but instead, waken up to,
in reality

Does such a thing exist,
despite the crumbling world,
shattered and broken,
trying to hide from itself,
in front of the mirror,
to escape its reflection?

Somewhere out there,
among the piles of ash,
and memories,
yearning to be remembered,
and noted,
a fire still burns,
a flicker still stands,
the light still reaches out,
and the hearth
still continues to warm the dead

Will I ever find that fire?
The courage,
to change?
To light up what's left of this world?
Even after what it has done?

The delicate threads of what's left,
still, somehow remain connected,
knots still strong,
stubborn strings,
slowly unraveling itself
to finally,
seek a truth,
in a place made up of lies

Will it ever come to me?
Realization after all these years,
Will something,
ever be different?

Hearts beat,
and love exists,
yet emotions still destroy,
and the ones betrayed,
slowly breathe,
their last breath,
in rejection

I want to let time
heal these scars
and wounds,
but sometimes pain is too unbearable,
and I just can't be patient

made of deep care,
and hope,
and happiness,
are now destroyed
through hatred

I just want someone to be there for me
I have no idea what I'm doing
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
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