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Jun 19
There they were…
Lying on the bed, with her head resting below his shoulder. Listening to his heart beat, and praying it never stops. One leg draped over him, almost as if she was afraid he’d free from her embrace and leave. As though her leg were a seat belt holding him in place, keeping him from leaving, and bracing them for the ride of their lives. Her arm resting on his body with her hand on his chest.
There they were…
The safest place she think of.
The most comfortable place for her to lay.
Her favorite place to be.
Their love, shielding them from the chaos of the outside world, but she didn't know that the most destructive chaos would come from him.
When he rips it all away.
This is not about me and my boyfriend, just felt like writing something that might relate to others and express their suppressed emotions. My boyfriend and I are doing well. However, I know the pain I would feel if that was taken from me, so I wrote from fear not from fact.
Hannah Lurie Bowen
Written by
Hannah Lurie Bowen  16/F
   BR Dragos
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