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Jun 2019
Oh...  Here you are, alas.
I was in this misinterpretation,
that somewhat your arrival at this house of past, might haunt you.
And so your arrival was nothing more than a myth to me.
But no, you have proved me wrong like you always did.
Did you notice the wall, I knew you had a fascination for the limbo, draped with the designs of floral, more of pink and less of blue I guess??
See, I told ya, I knew ya,
But you never removed the blindfold of cheat, and lached onto his charms.
He, surely was the backpiper of your heart.
Speaking of the backpiper how is he??
Your love....
Is he still having his floral print shirt and blue coat on, the day you left with him.
He is way more good looking than me
Tall as his righteousness, tanned as the the king, moustache rounded up to the nexus,  aryan featurette to the peak and money spoke more than he himself.
God,  I kew your love... the song your heart played.
My heart did play some music but mostly it was the song of rememberance.
Was I even the half if what he is??
I don't know...  But I did lose the only woman that I thought I had gripped.
And yes you have proved me wrong like you have always did.
I was a hardly a man like him, and I knew for myself that I would hardly keep you the way, he might.
But that said my love for you, my dearest ex wife, would not die.
Even though, while you read this, and I might be sleeping in my tomb,
You will hear the presence of my voice in this room.
Yes the room,  where you and I were about to share a bed.
That might not change,  I told the painter to keep as it is,  
Sometimes fondling with your scar might set you feel right.
Oh by the way,  you told me to frame the windowpane wood,  and so I did.
It was hard to tell my neice that you left....
He really loved you and felt it when he called you chotoma..
I feel bad for him.
I know that ma is no more on a talking terms with you....  She will be fine as the day passes by....  You know she lost a son and my brother is all she has now...
Just give her some time.
My letter is at its finest,  it's just the one thing I had to say..  If any day you think of coming to my tomb,  please bring a hibiscus in my name.
Donnie Ray
Written by
Donnie Ray  Navi Mumbai
(Navi Mumbai)   
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