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Jun 2019
I stopped believing in love
Love has left this, bad taste in my mouth
It has a bad ringing in my ears
Yet everyone around me thinks that love could help me
Love has broken me
You cannot say that love can help me
All I have dealt with because of love is
And a lot of betrayal
Like don’t get me wrong…
I love my family and friends
But if you asked me if I “love love” someone
I wouldn’t have an answer
Just thinking about that answer right now
It’s leaving a bitter taste on my tongue
Love has been overused
“I love Pizza”
...would you marry that pizza?
I doubt it
“I love him...but he doesn’t love me yet.”...
Why does love have to this big gesture
It’s like the word “hate”
When people use the word “hate”, they automatically correct it
“Hate” is a “strong” word
Guess what!
So is the word “love”
Want to show someone that you love them
Ask them about their day
Talk to them
Listen to them
Acknowledge their successes
Comfort them during their failures
Love should only be used when you are truly ready to say it
And it needs to be sincere
Don’t say it because your partner said it first
They should understand that it’s not easy saying those 3 words
Sometimes those 3 words can put a knife in someone’s heart
Especially if you rush love
Love will come
When love is ready
Written by
Maria Nieves  21/F/New York
(21/F/New York)   
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