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Jun 16
when i fell for you,
i didn't just trip over my shoelace
and scrape my knee on the gravel

cupid picked me up
by the neck of my shirt
and hurled me in front of a train
with your name on it.

when i fell for you,
i fell so hard
and so fast,

it wasn't a
"pick yourself up
and dust yourself off"
kind of fall,
it was a violent
earth shattering
knock the wind right out of your lungs
kind of fall.

and when i lifted my head
after impact
i didn't see stars
spinning around my eyes,
i saw only one
and it was you.

so tell me,
what can you do
when you’ve fallen so hard
that your bones are unable to heal?
when the only opioid that can
ease my pain
are the moments when
your lips are pressed against mine?

they say you can only fall in love once
and I’ve tripped along the way,
but I’ve only ever
fallen for you.
Written by
Madison  20/F
       Vinny Chav, SMS and BR Dragos
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