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Jun 15
Let not your mind dwell on
such thoughts,
For they dance with morals
And toy with your brain.

Let not such evil images sit
on your soul,
For innocence is a virtue
and you are young.

Let not words harm you
they carry no weight
but can change the row
of a nation.

Let not your fear hide you:
for pain can aid you,
the tale will guide you,
and experience shall tell you
Who to trust, and who to love.
This is a collection of words I’d used to say to myself when I needed to remember what was important. I honestly don’t know if there from something else or I made them up myself however, they are just words. And words are free to all
Richard Graydon
Written by
Richard Graydon  16/M
   BR Dragos and TheIdleOwl
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