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Jun 2019
Charlie, I heard you cried alone...
Ripped apart, heart and soul
     from the cold blood of war
          which consumed your soul...
Charlie, I know you cried painful tears
     that flowed from your heart
        upon the lifeless bodies
           of those you called brothers
               and friends...
A return to a home lonely and dark
    in the stark heartlessness of the Newark Ghettos
        you struggled to grasp life again
            which was quickly stripped away....
You once said to me in sincerity
     "The sun doesn't shine on the battlefield
           and the moon never smiles."
Your life quickly expired
      no wealth....
          No dreams come true....
              No goodbyes to the ones you loved...
                   Last words never heard....
You are once again surrounded by the fearless warriors
     beneath a lime green grass
         an unmarked grave though you saved many!
             Your final battles and heartaches never known
We've grown old
     Your name forgotten by all; but I....
I do cry for you in my memories at unsuspecting moments,
     I cherish your brave memory
         sadly your dusted medals
             lie in an unmarked box
                 hopefully to not be mistakenly discarded
                     in a dark corner amidst old memories....
May God's grace embrace and kiss your tired soul
     within the heavenly sunshine
         and a smiling moon
             My Hero....
                   My Friend.....
                         Till my dying day consumes any memory of you
                                and the struggles of a forgotten soldier.
Dedicated to my cousin Charlie....Who I looked up to as a child, as a hero, I remember his tears on his returns home and could feel his pain even at a tender, young age,
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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