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Jun 2019
stay away from the man
who makes you dance to no music
and see stars on a sunny day

he’ll make you a fool for all of his treats
promise adventure and all the sugary sweets

then watch him turn from candy, dandelions to rot and disease
lollipops and sand castles to roaches and flees

he’s the master of all puppets
you’re about to dodge a bullet

he’ll have you strung
by liquorice sticks
if he’s good at what he does
he’ll have you turning tricks

he’ll show you who he really is
slimy pool of sludge dressed in men’s clothes
he’s all exposed

before you have a chance to run
it’ll already be too late
he’ll catch you while you’re dumb

he’ll force you to ingest
his wickedness and sins
feel the sensation of needles and pins

so girl while you can
stay away from the man
who feeds you desserts from his hand
and gives you butterflies in your gut
they might just be moths
Written by
Miles  21/Non-binary/Toronto
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