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Jun 2019
Stolen Computers from office buildings and Nails in Floors,
You tell me your stories of knocking on unknown doors.
Every time you were allowed to see me you asked:
'Do I need to beat up anyone for you today?'
At four, six, eight years, I hadn't yet encountered a bully worthy of being beaten up by you.
I still haven't.
But, when mum told me that you had seen her as one of these bullies, it really ****** me up.
It's all your fault that I'm completely and utterly broken.
Emotionally, I'm the latest Apple Mac.
And until now, anyone leaving me would be inevitable and I would prepare so far beforehand that I initiate the departure, I was the one to break the glass against the ship six months before it's manufacture.
For Dad x
Written by
Tallulah  Psychopathic Taurus
(Psychopathic Taurus)   
   BR Dragos
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