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Jun 12
Have you seen the river waters,
on a stormy day?
Gray and blue waves,
crashing into each other,
as they sink upon the rain
Humid air,
the scent of fresh grass,
as you stand, watching outside the window,
waiting for the sun to rise again

Have you seen the trees
on a windy day?
Branches waving a sweet hello
as you walk past,
leaves swirling in the breeze,
a swaying song,
bringing you back
to your roots

Have you seen how fast the clouds float by,
when you let patience takes it course?
Staring eyes watch intently,
as they walk across the blue sky,
as you stand,
small in the big world?

Have you felt the power of the earth,
compared to yourself,
the channeling demand,
as you are just one of
the many,
Yet in your hands,
holds possibility
as you can still bring change?
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
   Hector and Mark S
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