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'Twas the 3rd of February, in 2000 & 1
When came a lil' girl, comparable to none
Her skin was quite blemished, blistered and sore
She was treated and treated, then treated no more
So different she was, from all of the others
She experienced things she should not have discovered
This girl had a kindness you couldn't help but adore
Yet none understood all the burdens she bore

She grew with her family, her brother and mom
But this girl sure did struggle, with aid from no one
She wept as she slept, and she didn't know why
She wept till she saw a bright light in the sky
This little girl wished more than ever before
That her life would get better and she'd cry no more

In the slow days that followed she made a new friend
Who promised to help her until the end
With his support and encouragement, she persevered
No matter what came, she always adhered
She endured all the hardships the sadness and pain
She helped those she could, for no personal gain

But soon came a time when everything changed
Her friend disappeared, he had been estranged
She took what she learned while they were together
And use that she did, to make herself better
She took life by the reigns, lived to the fullest each day
Accomplished her goals, and kept sadness at bay

Her blemishes gone, nevermore an array
Her future was bright, none led her astray
She pursued a new path and found someone to love
Yet she hoped he was watching, this friend from above
For the memory remained of that night as a child
Of the wish she did make, on the light in the sky
The lil' girl's big wish, to no longer be blue
This great wish of hers, had finally come true
Written by
John Arthur  23/M/Canada
   BR Dragos
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