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Depression can be spoken,
in simple words around.
Or complicated vows,
that are like devils from the ground.

It's quite a simple word,
that has many meanings.
And when we say them aloud,
they're considered quite demeaning.

There are many ways to say
'I'm not feeling great today.'
And we say them every way,
because we never feel okay.

No one ever does
in this world that we have caused.
Where judgements written down
on every single frown.

So, here I'll sit and stay
to describe depression today.
Because it's simple to say
it's a killed everyday.

I'll explain it once again
for those who don't understand,
it's a word that kills us all,
and causes us to bawl.

We may say we're okay,
I say it everyday.
But we lie when we say,
'I'm fine, go away.'

We say it to their face
hoping that they stay,
and hold our hands close
whispering 'it's gonna be okay.'

But they leave us alone,
to sit in the cold,
with the pain we withhold
to most we have told.

So my suggestion is,
don't let people in.
Because in the end,
you'll be crying again.
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