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Jun 2019
for someone who talks a lot of **** about dying,
i don't wanna die.
if anything i am absolutely terrified of the future but i am even more so afraid of death.
i want to be able to live my life, more so than i am right now. i want to be able to say "wow i really did that huh" or "wow, i really did that?".
no regrets for things left undone.
no, im quite content with shaking hands with death on my terms, not his.
when i do finally ******* die, i want my body to be laid to rest in the forest. i want moss to reclaim my skin, and seeds to burrow themselves deep within my chest, my organs fodder for the local wildlife. i want something pure and good to inhabit my heart, purge it of the impurities forced upon it. i want my decaying flesh to blossom once more into something beautiful, letting me give back to the earth even in death
Written by
lavender  18/Other/Mars
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