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Jun 2019
Good morning,

I was driving to work today and I realized something about life, everyone’s life really. At the heart of who we are; we are all born with innate gifts and individual passions. We think we grow into loving something but I think we are born loving those very things and we just recognize them as we are journeying, developing and evolving. I believe this is why when we meet someone for the first time and we feel a connection to a person or when we are in the middle of doing something and we lose track of time because it lifts and inspires us; those things will always be something that we feel passionate about, it’s transformative and that transformation knows no end. If someone is fickle about a certain person or thing, this is not a true passion. It may feel like it in that moment but if that feeling fades or wanes or disappears, it was only a momentary whim, not a fueling desire of creation and an extension of the fire within that never ceases to find reason to grow. Your passions never leave you, they keep coming at you in different opportunities and at different times and yet it doesn’t matter how much time as passed, you still feel the same flame and same intensity as you always did. This is how you can tell if what you are attracted too is living up to your authenticity. What is stirring you authentically is very different than what is drawing you in to fill an emptiness inside you. If it’s feeding a need for validation, attention, superficial praise, money, loneliness etc…then this is not a passion, it’s only reflecting back to you something you are craving and that craving can never be satisfied by something or someone outside of you. But, if you align with what you are born to create and live on purpose and you are connecting and grounded in wholeness; then the more you will be attracting the people and the things that are genuinely part of your life purpose and the connection or feeling you got at the beginning will remain consistent throughout. Let me give you an example. My love for writing has always been part of me and this will never stop because it is something I’m truly passionate about. I won’t just wake up one day and say ok I don’t like writing anymore. And, if I did stop writing for a bit because I might be preoccupied with something else, I will feel like I’m missing something because that something is an extension of me. So not paying attention to my writing is like not paying attention to myself. And as a result there will always be opportunities that will invite me to engage in it because it is part of who I am. It will find ways to draw me in one way or another. Remember that a calling will never cease to be attracted into your field, it’s like a magnet. It doesn’t stop knocking until you answer and sometimes the more you resist, the more it knocks because it knows its integration and fusion is what breathes life into your life. Let’s take someone for example that is always running away or denying themselves a life where they pursue their passion, they feel like something is amiss, they are always searching for the next best thing, it’s like they are not settled, they stray. There is something that is calling and they know this but they are not showing up for it or they might sporadically but they might have given their life or chose another path for their life that is not their true passion.

So are you living your passions or showing up for them when they call? You are the only one that truly knows by the way it feels.

If you are following and engaged in your passions you will feel energized, inspired, creative, filled with love, generous, connected, glowing, losing track of time, peaceful, joyful, happy, engrossed, giving, heightened sense of everything around you, loyal, optimistic, nourishing mind and body, healthy boundaries and relationships, faith, good communication, honest, compassionate, confident, genuine, dependable, courageous

When you are doing something other than your passions because of habit or obligation you may feel these: drained, tired, moody, irritable, discontent, complaining, cynical, envious, unforgiving, lashing out angrily, competing, disrespectful, pessimistic, scarcity mentality, addictions, feeling unwell, co-dependent relationships, disconnected from others, withdrawing, finding excuses, dishonesty, unaccountable or irresponsible, passive aggressive, hypocritical, depressed, truancy, controlling, manipulative

What else would you add to these lists?

Are you living your passions or showing up for them when they call? You are the only one that truly knows by the way it feels.

Happy Sunday

~ Nathalie
Written by
Nathalie  49/F/Canada
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