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Feb 2013
Pellets of roses touched her chest -
as raindrops on the skin.
She heard lies spreading through the wind,
a hollow laughter beyond the trees.

He laid by her side.
A tiny arm reached out from underneath the blanket
to calm the restless thoughts of a maniac.
He choked on her kindness every time.

He whispered: »I did it for you.«
»I did it for love.«
»Love fears no reason.«
»This could be so much better.«

He stood at the door.
Watched closely, he couldn't believe the coward he's become.
»Don't whisper«, she said.
Through the lines of a camera everyone lies.

They wrote love
on the backs of their palms.
As birds, their fingers flew
through each others' hair.

Moon hung on their shoulders.
As he stroked her hair away from her eyes,
she said: »All great stories end in tragedy.«
No mirrors, no glass left un-shattered.

Time is the one thing that is theirs
and it's running out, running high.
»Let's travel the distance to the sun« he said.
»Hold me one last time,« she whispered.

Heartbeats follow the lifelines,
soundlessly and gently, till they stop.
It ends and begins the with the same
Natasa Dolenc
Written by
Natasa Dolenc
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