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Jun 8
Lord, help me look away,
Far from the physical,
I want to see the inside,
I want to see what you see.

Lord, do this straightaway,
My eyes are so whimsical.
Can good and bad coincide?
But internal goes your autopsy.

The outside deceives anyway.
Ignoring fake beauty is logical,
But the illogical path is wide.
So I diverge from their policy.

Too easy to meet halfway,
Poor compromises make this critical.
The fence one must not ride,
One side is always a fantasy.

We call things ****,
We call things beautiful,
In our judgement, we sit smugly.
Of our words, we should be careful.

We call things good,
We call things bad,
Point at ourselves, we never could.
The downfall of others makes us glad.

We call things arbitrary,
We call things significant.
Relativity cannot be necessary,
Or else reality becomes vacant.

And there is right and wrong,
That much I’ve determined.
What they’ve told us all along,
A foundation collapsed – ruined.

So I must shift from observing,
Things from the wrong perspective,
Ignore what I’m told by the undeserving,
Jealous never translated to detective.

They selfishly want what I hold,
This peaceful power I posess.
But I have never controlled,
It is granted, when I acquiesce.

God, help me use your Spirit,
To further your kingdom here.
They see my inherent merit,
Any glory to me, make it disappear.

You alone know our hearts,
Do your work to its full completion.
Intelligence off the charts,
No one can stop your accretion.
Rickey Spence
Written by
Rickey Spence  19/M/USA
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