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Jun 2019
Though I arc and swell and bloom,
And move replete with daylight gifted-
A new shadow, melancholy in its fume,
Strongly pervades on this day now shifted.
Enkindle and sing, O dawn-awoken bones!-
Guide me through the salt and midnight!-
As above, a tide surfeit with unknowns
Is broken upon this reflecting man's sight!
Why covet my blisses, O familiar void?
And why those lazy eyes of envy, time?
Your long sleep and anemia I once enjoyed,
But here stands life, rushing and sublime!-
And here stands the martyr and saint:
Affirmed and illuminated in cause!-
For all other passions and peaks have a taint
Where deep nothingness winds and draws.
And why pray and descend, great nullity?
Why whisper and comfort and be at all?
The weak may come for your amity,
But death perfumes in your beckon and call!
When day betrays with days untold-
How the entropic rib impels us to be dust!
For day fools every pestled grain and ill old,
Curving and embracing them on a gustβ€”
There! I have unmasked you, turning suns!
Your enthralling gaze, your simple hold!
Here are your cowardly, apathetic ones,
In your hands does their low course unfold!
They fear when one is most visible-
Why fear afternoon, O friends of twilight?
Do you not find this loaded sky risible?
Why love only as ghosts and strange night?
Save longing and fully comprehend:
Life is the tug of the eternal and the swift-
You must move, you must love and bend-
And, like the others, you must be adrift!
He who is high and most abounding,
Has the least of false shades cast on him:
The shade of the feeble, idle yet sounding-
Do not deny yourself- you've only grown dim-
Night! Come night and friends dotted within!
I have taught wellβ€”burn amongst me here!
Bound muscle and growth and sun akin!
Here is natureβ€”warm and without veneer!
This took a little over a month to make. I hope you all enjoy reading it. This will most likely be my last post for a bit as this took a lot of creative energy- I won't be gone too long. Special thank you to Mc6lm for early input.

I love you all
- Darrell
Darrell Landstrom
Written by
Darrell Landstrom  20/M/FL
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