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Feb 2013
Any price I'd pay
For the sun to shine,
For the flowers to bloom
For a breeze to play with your hair,
All this I wish
To give to you
As if it were mine,
Just to get you out of that gloom,
Just to brighten your eyes
Take away that stare,
Any price I'd pay
For a jester to make you laugh
For a handsome man to love you back,
For the world to do your bidding,
Of all the things
I want for you,
This is only half,
If it were up to me
Nothing you would lack,
You'd be sitting pretty knitting
Nah, I take that back I think
You'd be laughing
Singing; beautiful in pink,
Not a care in the world,
Not a frizz in your hair
Whether it's straight or curled,
Any price I'd pay
To put the wind under your wings
To give you many wonderful shiny things,
For you to experience pleasure
Unbridled and without measure,
Any price I'd pay just to see you smile
A sight so dazzling;
I could see it from a mile...
© okpoet
Nestor David Armas
Written by
Nestor David Armas  OC
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