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Jun 4
she used to be a child, waiting patiently for your love
she sat and read and wondered, counting stars above
you promised her you'd get there, as soon as you could
so she laid and waited, making warmth with fire and wood
when you finally stumbled into, her warm welcoming abode
she was a little angry, though she wouldn't let you know
you sat down there beside her, as the fire began to dim
she looked at you and pondered, "why do you always leave me on a whim?"
you shrugged and said: "i'm trying," she seemed satisfied enough
she turned, head on her pillow, and refrained from yelling 'bluff'
in the morning when you wakened, the sun was way up high
and on the wooden table, a note, scribbled with goodbye
she used to be a child, waiting patiently for your call
but now she is an avalanche, and you should run before she falls
she'll bury you with no remorse, in icy, snowy mist
and on your lying lips, she'll plant you one last kiss
and you will freeze forever, under icicles of tears
all because you couldn't, be there to love your dear
mila splawska
Written by
mila splawska  15/F/probably my room
(15/F/probably my room)   
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