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Jun 2019
Warning: long poem.


Words written
All over my body.
They tell us angels,
They're everything but holy.

Like scars.
So close,
Yet so far apart.

The outside
Can fool,
Use the angel's power
As a tool.

Get the devil
To confess.
But it turns
Into nothing less.

I'm not an angel,
I'm not a devil too.
I'm stuck in the middle,
Attracted to you.

Chained to my ankles,
Says I'm a good girl.
But I don't remember saying
That I lived in this world.

Tears and lies,
The fundament of my soul.
It's dark and rainy,
Black like coal.

Could hurt my self,
Don't have the courage
Yet my body is
Full of hemorrhages

There's a heaven,
But I need hell.
Can't you see.
I'm really unwell

What you're telling me
That is toΒ Β trust.
But letting go,
Is what I must.

Telling myself,
Everything I heard before.
I don't want to live like this
Not anymore.

Blue skies and clouds,
Spinning around.
Thunder clouds and dark skies.
That's not what it's about.

I'm a liar,
I never keep a promise.
You know, I see.
But you've got to be honest.

Having feelings for you,
Yes it does ****,
But you're just an angel.
**** **** **** :)

Hidden feelings,
Becoming more and more.
They will never respect you,
The same way they did before.

You can't cry,
You're happy here.
Heavenly feelings,
Flying in the atmosphere.

I'm slowly losing you,
But in a different way.
I'm still hoping that I'll
Pass you by in the hallway.

You can always
Laugh things away.
But what you don't know
Is that they stay.

I'm not okay,
I feel so scattered.
Don't be that way,
You're all that matters.

I confess,
I am lost.
My friendship
Is what it cost.

It's like I'm flying
Without wings.
Not getting joy
Out of the little things.

I'm an angel,
I'm not okay.
Because Satan isn't really
Feeling it today.

Put your lips on my skin,
And you might ignite it.
It hurts and it burns to hide it,
But I kinda like it.

Stop it, I'm trying.
Never gonna get things done.
By the time I finish,
You'll definetly be gone.

Being empty
And clear.
Is hapiness
Really near?

I can see you standing.
But you're never alone, no.
I could go talk to you,
But I'm too scared to go.

The cuts in my arm,
Are invisible to you.
But somehow, I don't know,
You show me yours too.

Started with angels,
Now talking about you.
A never ending sickness,
An infinite flu.

There's nothing I can do,
Don't judge me babe.
I'm just waiting
For my judgement day.

I keep adding sins,
But I'm trying to be holy
You never hear I tell you,
That I'm your's fully.

My scars keep bleeding,
I don't know what to do.
So I just keep on cutting,
Going through and through.

Your head on my thighs,
I never thought of this.
Oh but it's lovely,
Yes, yes it is.

Why would I keep trying,
Nothing makes me happy anyway.
You're the only person
That makes me want to stay.

Why did we spend,
All those hours?
Because you know it's gonna die,
Just like your flowers

If the end of the world,
Was near,
I'd spend them with you,
And die without fear

All I wanted,
Was to protect you.
And now I'll just
Never get to.

I kind of regret,
But I kind of like it.
Taking a joint.
Ah, it was just one hit

We are planning to leave.
Together, let's run away.
As long as I'm with you,
I don't really care if we stay.

You just keep giving,
The angel's trust.
But can't you see
My devil's lust?
I'm not sure what this is anymore. Just take it, whatever.
Your Local Grocery Store
Written by
Your Local Grocery Store  Non-binary/Aisle 13/He, Him
(Non-binary/Aisle 13/He, Him)   
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