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May 31
There is an hour in which darkness falls,
and the presence of the past stands,
haunting footsteps walking alone,
the occasional cold wind blows

Fireflies circle around the bushes,
snoring sounds of sleep,
crickets chirp in the distance,
the life still existing, sweet

Whispering secrets carried in the breeze,
as the startling people walk past by,
the eternal space less alone,
the minutes stretching longer as dreams fly

Streetlights shine above, tall,
the comfort of the forever street,
cars drive past, headlights speak,
Rows and rows of houses, as roads meet

The moon glows, full,
The nighttime sounds sing,
feelings and emotions tangled in the brisk air,
dancing, replacing the unseen stars in the chalkboard sky

Eerie feeling past the dark alleyways,
everywhere lost and forgotten mysteries,
the wailing of the Earth screams,
But still, darkness does not flee

At this second, the shadows of the moon fall,
but look closely again,
and although the night time remains, no sun to be seen,
nightlights glow, in our dreams
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
       Pradip Chattopadhyay, Perry and M-E
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