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May 31
They look at me & call me a racist
Simply because of the way I write, rally & protest. They don't know me for what’s in my soul, They don't know me for what's in My mind,nor do they know of my loving caring heart,"Many simply don't know" & many simply don't care about anything at all, the trauma & torture I've suffered,in my life, over the years,at the hands of religious extremists "it's just not funny at all."They come in all creeds & colours"didn't you realise, Didn't you know,& they call me a racist yet their faith has all the colours of the rainbow  I should know. they don't care about the pain & suffering they caused me,
& the millions around the world just like me, They punish me & judge me for having white skin & not believing in what they all believe in, They punish me & judge me & call me a racist yet they don't realise, theirs mixed gens under this beautiful white skin,They don't realise that I had to change my name to escape the family of which I came, I'm mixed race with white skin. I come from an Islamic family, yet I follow a different path to them, & they punish me for it, they say it's a sin, they say I'm possessed by a jinn, I'm proud of the white skin I was born in, it's not a sin, I should not be made to feel ashamed, I am what the divine made me, A white British mixed race man who's proud to wear & wave the Union Jack flag. NEFS Β© by Vincent von Ellesmere 2019 May 31st.
Vincent Von ellesmere
Written by
Vincent Von ellesmere  38/M/Thornton/cleveleys united
(38/M/Thornton/cleveleys united)   
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