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May 30
There are days,
when I stare at the ceilings,
during those sleepless nights,
and try to close my eyes,
and be swallowed by darkness,
but thoughts wonder,
as so do I,
and sometimes I question,
what it would be like to die

No pain,
no misery,
nothing at all,
still and lifeless body,
no cared about me anyways after all,
just one knife,
could do it,
end everything

I don't want to keep on having to lie,
to smile,
when I really want to cry,
I don't want to keep having to put my heart back together,
to be broken again
So why not just let the blood spill,
and commit the ****?

And that's when tears start rushing out,
emotions flooding me,
plunging into waterfalls of despair,
because I don't know what to anymore,
Someone gave me a life,
And now I just want to return it,
as every breath I take,
is another one taken away

So why not just end it all,
end this night,
destroy this life,
save other people the trouble,
and save me the tears,
worth of oceans,
in the years to come

I don't know anymore,
I just don't know
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
     Jon York and Peter Gareth
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