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Feb 2013
Through the midst of trees do these morning birds call,
To the various humanities in their bitter lonesome halls.
A song of simple words implants into the simple mind a'hear,
For the shallow men with shallow dreamsΒ Β draw so closely near.

For such a song with such simple words are but meaningless to them,
As the morning brightness engulfs all that draw inevitably to one.
For materialistic means are thy only concerning monument,
That of which can be held not shall hold no valued sediment.

For the great trees, house these charming creatures that sing a'so,
For the heavenly light do they chant for the humanly mind a'go,
Well, do these humanly minds pay not a ticket of entrance nor fee,
But rather they set aflame their homes and banish them out to sea.

Oh dearest ungrateful beings, may you kindly open your souls,
Open your deafening ears, blinded eyes and unyielding nose,
Smell the scent of the blooming flowers and morning sun,
SeeΒ the glorious sight that the world has to offer; Oh, unremembered one,
Walk the trails of the great autumn leaves and great day lights,
And dance amongst the light of the beautiful day and see thy sights.

As for nature has blessed upon us to live beneath the watching sun.
So live not with nature as single entities but as a single one.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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