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May 2019
I have such disdain for the words "I Love You"
these words have been said a billion times to me
by some who mean it
but by more who don't

they were the words used
by the boy who ***** me
to explain why he had put himself inside me

they were the words muttered
at the end of my parents phone calls
hoping to convince themselves
or maybe others
that they cared for one another

I have said these words to acquaintances
family members I barely know
and even passerby's

But for some reason they are still the only words
that come to mind
when trying to let you know
how you brighten my days
how your smile warms my heart
and how every time I think of you my eyes light up

I love you
but there's so much more than that
I want you to know
there is meaning behind the words
Written by
Wanderer  Missouri, USA
(Missouri, USA)   
     Doy A, jdm, Perry and Bogdan Dragos
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