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May 2019
We hailed Robb The King in The North
He was the leader, who led his army forth
Everyone admired his strategic mind
After the battle of Oxcross he found something he thought he wouldn't find.
A girl who's name was from the faith of the seven
Robb thought that he'd find his own heaven
Only little did he know, his friends had distrust
Roose played it safe and Walder frey thought robb cared only about lust
At the wedding at the twins, the people were having a feast
Little did they know that they had angered the lion and other beasts
Devastated Catelyn would cry as Robb falls
Now the rains weep o'er The North's Halls..
A poem in ode to my favorite game of thrones character
Written by
AceLione  17/M
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