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May 28
He saw no reason to go on -he took off his shoes-
only that he feared death. He did not accept his fate
He only knew that it was coming
He kept his struggling-the shoes were blue-

The days grew longer while it took him less time to remember his place
Only a few weeks until his only feeling was
no feeling-the right one had a hole-

He tried praying
to a god he’s already denounced
he tried talking to friends. Look where that left him-blood dripped down the left heel-

he was a shell of what he could be. That terrified him. Not because he wasn’t his expectation but because he knew, understood, accepted that he would never fill those shoes.
Thoughts are evil. The mind makes us think what we don’t accept yet understand. Writing this at the time I did had not helped.
Richard Graydon
Written by
Richard Graydon  16/M
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