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May 29
Broken heart,
swollen eyes,
blank face,
no meaning to life,

World of lies,
incomplete story,
lost home,
burning city

You tell me to get over it,
that the sun will rise again,
but for now, I only know grays skies and storms,
as it's not that easy

I want to give it all a purpose,
but it's just too hard,
and death,
is still a valid choice

So don't tell me that things happen,
I know they do,
but they're not that easy,
it's never easy

Tears run down,
the broken breaking,
the trust shattering,
everything failing

And if I could,
I know I would heal it all,
but scars don't fade like that,
it's not that easy

So if the knife still kills,
and the dark red still spills,
I just wanted to tell you,
I really tried

Even despite the fact,
it was never easy,

So please don't blame me,
please don't give me that tired look,
Look at my never closed red eyes,
I'm exhausted too

But for now, I'll put on my mask,
smile like it's alright,
lie and lie,
though it's not that easy

I'll walk through it all,
take the first step,
but it's not easy

So please don't tell me that I'm not helping,
I'm not,
and I never will,
but remember it's not that easy

So until it all ends,
I'll live like it's normal again,
and I know it's not that easy,
but so be it,
I'll still try

So if the sky has to cry for tears to stop,
if the even doing so drowns us and waters reach to the top,
then I guess I'll do it,
even if it's not that easy

But it's never easy,
and it never will be

So I guess the least I can do
is try

To just try
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
     Jon York, ---, Pagan Paul and Peter Gareth
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