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May 28
I long for the home that lies in the night-time star
hidden in wonders of swirling galaxies,
standing still, a flicker in the unreachable far
somewhere the light of my moonless nights, waiting to be found

I long for the love that happens at the sunset beach,
the yellow bringing down the day heat,
for the time of darkness's coolness behind it as it sinks
emotions and hopes flying up and fluttering as watching eyes blink

I long for the friend who will always be there for me,
Yet some wishes are like ripped up ribbons, broken lace
As I am forever, trying to look for someone willing to be,
the person who brings the smile on my face

I long for a day that lies in the unfated future of possibility,
waiting to be lived in a never-happening tomorrow
A time, one moment, that has been too given up to come true
Someday, when I can say I'm okay and mean it

I long for a trust that will never be broken,
glass never shattered, no nightmares caused,
no worries and remembered promises
yet still I look into the mirror, staring at the reflection of reality

I long for you, as you are all of these things,
my home, love, hopes, and dreams,
you're who I live for, to this day, who I imagine when it's hard,
you're everything, everything in the world to me

Yet still, I sit in my chair, looking outside the window,
at dim gray skies, no sun to be found, covered by clouds,
through the unexplored worlds in the universe of wishing for light,

As I stare longingly
Written by
Vivian  F/Behind the screen
(F/Behind the screen)   
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