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Feb 2013
Walk faster push harder
Look for a light in the sun
All though all around you it feels like it dying
You're dying there's no air there's no fun

You're drowning alone and suffocating
The salt being poured down your throat
Strangles your cries for help
You can't hardly breath much less float

So why try?
Why not give up?
The bodies around you have done it
The blood that you drown in could fill gallons and cups

But you don't
You're still here
You're alive
Dispite what you fear

I am too
And so are the others
My pain won't be so bad
If we help one anothers

Its a long and scary swim
with no boats and no oars
But i'll give you my hand
If you give me yours
Dustin Wills
Written by
Dustin Wills
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